Astrologia Zodiaco

Since 1985 I have drawn up Astrological Birth Charts, which tell the constellation of the Solar System in relation to the situation of our Planet Earth at the moment and place for your birth and your first independent breath. From this chart I can find out your personal character, your resources and talents, attitudes and relations, challenges and developing possibilities.
I write down the details and make a summary. However I prefer to hand over the chart during a personal meeting. Sitting down together I can explain the whole chart and the details, while you can ask questions and share what you want about your life. In that way we can find a holistic image between the meeting of the interpretation and yourself, of the theory and the “practice”, that is your life!

As you can see from thishome page, Casa da Kristina has guesthouses, and Redonda is an excellent place for recreation and reflection. But I can also send your horoscope with e-mail and we can talk over it on Skype.

To be able to draw up an Astrological Birth Chart I need the following necessary dates:
Exact time for the moment of your birth: year, month, day, hour and if possible minute, and if there was any summertime change at the time for your birth.
And the place, the location of your birth, so  that I can find the longitude and latitude.
Name and post address, so I´m able to send the chart via snail-mail.

For the one mature and interested in knowing is or her “lesson of life”, starting from your Birth Chart, I can make a more profound interpretation in the form of a Karma Chart. For this purpose I study principally the Moon´s Nodes and eventual so called Patterns of Karma.

Annual Chart, or for whatever time period interests you, I draw up using so called Transits, which show the actual constellations and movements of the Exterior Planets in our Solar System in relation to your Birth Chart.
I draw up both the Long Time Movements of the Exterior Planets passing through the astrological so called Houses of your Birth Chart, and an Annual Calendar. The Calendar shows how every exterior planet, during their present courses, will actualize the positions of the planets in your Birth Chart, month by month, week by week.
This helps you to understand what processes you are living for the time being, and which sides of your personality are most likely to develop during the drawn up year or period.
The Annual Chart also serves as a “repetition” of the Birth Chart. Every time you will understand yourself and your Birth Chart more and find your cosmic rhythm.

With the Birth Charts of two people I can draw up a Compatability Chart and analyze different types of relations; couples, friends, child-parent, boss-employee, etc.
It can be really interesting to know which sides of your personality you can develop with different people and which sides not at all.


Price for a Birth Chart

R$ 120

Having already the Birth Chart drawn up;
Price for Karma Chart, Annual Chart orCompatability Chart

R$ 100

Price for Birth Chart + the first Annual Chart all together